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We are Violeta-Loredana P. and Liliana K. and we are really excited to launch our blog today! We hope you will like it and visit it, read our articles, see our photos and share your comments. You can find Earth’s Attractions on Twitter, Facebook and soon on Google+ too.

You can contact us at any time at earthsattractions @

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  1. HI! I can see you get some spam like I do…some of this comments are like, “What?” LOL

    I’m Natalie and I blog at I like your post on 48 hours in NYC and am wondering if you are interested in a link swap. I have a DA of 41 and see that you have a DA of 33 so I think it would be good for both of us.

    What I had in mind is on one of my posts on NYC (I have several) I would write a link something like this “If you are headed to NYC with just 48 hours to explore, you’ll love this itinerary!” and then link to your post with a DO follow link. Then, on your post 48 hours in NYC you would write something like “If you are headed to NYC with kids, prepare them before you go. Check out this list of books about NYC” and then link to my post with a DO follow link.

    This would give both of us more information for our readers and a good solid back link for both of us. I think it is a win-win. Let me know if you are interested.


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