Some Famous Destinations of Historical Nature

When it comes to traveling for knowledge, I cannot resist it. I always look to grasp an opportunity to travel to destination that has to offer a bit of knowledge about history, traditions and culture. To me it is like going to unchartered territory. Every region in the world has its own sets of traditions and history. With introduction of modern media and a world becoming a global village, these traditions have though changed, but still they have foundations of old traditions. Knowledge about history and traditions open new dimensions of life as a matter of fact. It is hard to explain in words but the fact is that one has to live with their own set of choices. If you just follow traditions, the life that you are living is not basically yours. One should not forget that traditions were made by the choices people made in history. Of course a norm was started as a choice by someone because it seemed fit to practice them.

I have been to many countries around the world and because of this passion I have developed a hobby of photography as well. I used this hobby of mine to interior decorate my home by cheap canvas printing of the images I took. Now I use this hobby to fund my passion of traveling as I sell images I take to the magazines along with an article and review about the place I visit. The joy of getting paid for what you love doing is simply amazing. In other words it cannot get any better than that. So out of the countries I have traveled in the past, here are few which have quite a history associated with them.


Turkey is a country which had an influence of Roman, Byzantine, Greek and Ottoman Empire. There are many historical sites and ruins in the country which tell an amazing story of those ancient civilizations. City of Istanbul which was known as Constantinople in history is full of knowledge of history. There are many museums, old palaces and sites of ruins inside and outside the city. The city is divided into two parts and one is considered to be on Asian and other in European continent.

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The Egyptian civilization has left a bold foot print in our society. Historians have been amazed by the level of achievement of the Egyptian civilization. To this date Pyramids and their constructions remain a mystery for many. Giza, which is quite near to the capital of Egypt are divided by the famous Nile river which has been mentioned in many holy books of Christianity and Islam.

Pyramids in Egypt

photo source


If you get an NOC for traveling to Israel, you are up for a treat. Because of all the civil unrest between Muslims and Jews in that region, traveling and getting visa for that area sometimes gets really tough. The area of Palestine and Israel has many amazing historical sites which are associated with nearly all of the religions that are practiced among majority. All of the religions term it as holy land and have stories and events to back their claims.


United Kingdom is another place you can see a lot of history. The museums in UK have compiled some amazing wealth during the time of the colonization. It is believed that British Empire was so large that there was always sun shining on it. Apart from the artifacts in museums, the country has knowledge of the history and some amazing architect of their Royal family.

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