Maui for Couples: 10 Engaging and Romantic Activities to Try

When planning your first trip to Hawaii, you might fall into the trap of doing all of the tourist-y things that everyone else is doing. If you truly want a unique experience, then it pays to go off the beaten path and add activities to your itinerary that few people are doing. To get a jumpstart on it, here are 10 romantic activities you can do with your significant other.

1. Driving Along The Scenic Road To Hana

One of the best ways to get some quality time in is to consider a kahului airport car rental and take the road to Hana. You’ll get a magnificent view of the rainforest and everything that Maui’s scenic coast has to offer. There are also plenty of waterfalls along the way, and entry to the road is only $5. It’s only 65 miles long, so the whole drive might take you a little over an hour.

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2. Taking A Cooking Class

Want to expand your culinary horizons? Take a cooking class with your partner and use ingredients you may have never used before. You’ll learn all there is to know about coconuts and how they’re fully utilized in the cooking process. And at the end, you’ll have a delicious dish that you get to enjoy!

3. Visit The Goats

Take a trip to the Surfing Goat Dairy, where the milk is collected and turned into delicious goat cheese. You can learn how the entire process works and even visit some of the goats themselves. The dairy sits on about 42 acres of land and is complete with tours and cheese tastings.

4. Get A Couples Massage

Maui for Couples: 10 Engaging and Romantic Activities to Try

After a long day of hiking and swimming, why not treat yourself and your significant other to a wonderful massage? Enjoy any of the spas available, and take in a variety of treatments being offered.

5. Snorkeling

Take a trip under the waves by taking a snorkeling lesson. You can visit the turtles and swim near the Molokini Crater. If the ocean isn’t your thing, you can always take a trip down the 25-foot water slide.

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6. Eat At Mama’s Fish House

You’re going to get hungry from all those activities, so you should definitely treat yourself by having dinner at Mama’s Fish House. It works with local fisherman to get the freshest seafood so that every dish is amazing.

7. Visit A Coffee Farm

If you’re considering the Coffee and Brunch Tour, you’ll end up at the O’o Farm, where they demonstrate how coffee is grown, how it’s extracted from the fruit, and how it’s transformed into the wonderful beverage that people love.

8. View Some Whales

There are plenty of whale tours along the coast if you go with makai Adventures. You’re most likely to see whales during winter up through spring, where you can see humpback whales swimming back to Alaska for the summer.

9. Surfing Extravaganza

You’re never too old to learn a new skill, so why not take up surfing? There are plenty of instructors providing surfing lessons to beginners, and they’ll even supply the boards for you to practice with.

10. Flying Over Maui

Take a helicopter tour over the island and see it in its entirety from high up. It’s definitely a breathtaking experience that you’ll treasure forever.

If you’re looking for more vacation ideas to add to your itinerary, don’t be afraid to speak to your vehicle rental company in Maui to see what they recommend.

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