How to fall asleep on an airplane #infographic

Flying is great – and, as accessible as it may be for many, it is still restrictive for others, so it should be treasured as a great experience. But a short flight is completely different than a long hole one .

Yes, there are many activities – depending on the airline: movies, music. You can use your laptop or smartphone for that too. You can read (a book or an e-book). You can read magazines. You can admire the view. But 8-10 hours pass slowly and, if you had a flight with a connection, then you must be tired.

Actually, even if you take a short flight after a day at work or early in the morning, in order to get to work (business travelers know what I am talking about), taking an one hour nap could be helpful.
However, falling asleep in an airplane can be challenging. Yes, some people fall asleep right away. Others… not so easy. They cannot find the right position, they are not comfortable in an airplane chair…

If you are one of these people, then you should know that there are different techniques, tips and tricks if you want, that will help you fall asleep while flying.

The infographic below, made by WorkTheWorld,provides 10 ways to fall asleep on a plane. I hope you’ll find it useful!

10 Ways to fall asleep on a plane #Infographic #travel

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