Travel tips: What to do when you’re injured while travelling

We all imagine perfect holidays and we never think that we could get injured while traveling.

But it can happen. You could get sick abroad and when you’re injured while travelling you have to be prepared in advance to manage the situation as well as possible.

What you need to know about getting injured while travelling

Know when to get help

A simple headache that can be resolved with a pill is not necessarily a reason to go to the emergency room. a headache as a result of a bump to your head, followed by the feeling of being sleepy even during the day, may be a good reason to go to the er and get checked for a concussion or worse.

So the first thing to know is when to get help. Common situations when you should seek medical assistance include:

  • high fever, especially if for more than 2 days and if you are travelling to a different climate;
  • vomiting and diarrhea for more than one-two days;
  • if you are bitten or scratched by an animal or an insect;
  • accidents – car accidents etc., sexual assaults or dental emergencies.

Know where to get help from

If you have a health card, then keep that in your wallet or purse.

Make sure the emergency number for health emergencies from that card is also on your phone address book.

Have a map with you at all times or make sure you have a date available in your roaming so that you can check where the nearest emergency hospital is.

If not, keep in mind that you can always enter a hotel or a big restaurant and ask at the reception for indications for the emergency hospital.

Make sure you check, if possible, the schedule of said hospital and their ER. As strange as it may sound, I know from my daughter whose husband had a dental medical emergency in the Czech Republic, that the emergency room for such problems at the local emergency hospital in Brno is open only after 5 p.m.

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Make sure to buy travel insurance before you visit a country and check to see what services are covered and what’s the procedure to be reimbursed so that you are prepared in advance.

I wish you safe travels and hope you never need to visit an emergency room, no matter where you go. I also advise you to take into consideration all the tips included above so that you can handle any situation that may come your way and any travel drama. Knowing in advance what to do when you get sick abroad will help you make the most of a difficult situation when and if it occurs.

Travel tips: What to do when you're injured while travelling

infographic courtesy of Nolan Law Group a Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer.


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