Two interesting and unusual museums in Australia

I am pretty sure that each place has a charming part and famous landmarks, and some unusual interesting attractions. When we speak of a country that’s a continent as well, yes I am talking about Australia, there are many unusual, even weird attractions. But two caught my eye the other day and I decided to present them to you too, and to ask you what you think of them :).

Justice and Police Museum

Sometimes, when visiting a place we try to find out more about that country’s culture and history. We have various methods to do that – speaking to the locals, reading books, visiting museums, etc. I have to confess that I do love to go to a museum – usually art or technical ones, but not exclusively. However, how about finding out more about a country’s past through its criminals?

The Justice and Police Museum is quite an interesting sight. You’ll find here a wall with mug shots from police archives, interesting information on safebreakers and you will find out interesting information regarding the first settlers in Sydney – apparently the first European settlers were criminals (quoting from the official site). Did I manage to make you curious?

justice and Police Museum
justice and Police Museum

justice and Police Museum, photo by Sardaka (talk) on Wikimedia

Mad Max 2 Museum

Some movies generate such an interest, such a passion that people go beyond buying a ticket to the movies and some “souvenirs”, custom items. Adrian Bennett collected as many items as possible and started the Mad Max 2 Museum where the movie was filmed: you guessed, in Australia.

The museum was inaugurated in 2010 and features some special items: replica cards, full size costumes and props and many other Mad Max 2 related items. If you liked that movie, or if you simply want to visit a different museum in Australia, this might be for you. Oh, don’t forget that you need an Australia visa to visit this country.

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8 thoughts on “Two interesting and unusual museums in Australia

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