Surfing & more: planning your trip to Margaret River, Australia

Unsurprisingly, Australia continues to thrive as a tourist destination. The country is a bucket list contender for virtually all travel enthusiasts. Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide all remaining as popular as ever. However, the town of Margaret River has become increasingly popular for surfers and sun lovers alike.

If you’re planning to do a tour of Australia, Margs is a fantastic detour from Perth. Alternatively, the coastal town is an equally brilliant location to visit for the entirety of your stay. Either way, you probably don’t know too much about the place other than it has become increasingly popular for a reason. Here are some simple tips to ensure you get the most out of your adventure.

Margaret River, Australia - wikimedia
Margaret River, Australia

Image by Lasthib on Wikimedia

  • Most Australian guests need a visa, so make sure you get this sorted ASAP. The longer you leave it, the more stressful the process will become. Moreover, having those details can often make things easier when booking excursions and trips. Of course, this tip isn’t limited to Margs, but it is one worth noting.
  • Book your accommodation early. Margaret River is home to some lovely hotels, chalets, and apartments. If you truly want to make the most of Margs’ beautiful weather and scenery, the tourist board has many beach houses available for short stay rentals. By being situated a stone’s throw from one of the many beaches, this can truly start to feel like a week in paradise.
  • Try to time your trip with one of the many surfing competitions on offer throughout the year. The whole town comes alive for events like the Margaret River Pro. Even if you aren’t normally a massive surfing fan, the sport plays an integral role in the town’s DNA. Embracing it by watching one of these iconic events can provide a unique source of entertainment. Whatever time of year you visit, though, catching some waves for yourself is also advised.
  • Delight your taste buds by enjoying the plethora of restaurants. Moreover, you should take at least one day out to partake in a group drinking session. Forest Rise suggests these breweries as great places to taste the amber nectar and gain a little education too. Whether it’s with your friends or as part of another group doesn’t matter. Just remember to be responsible.
  • Visit at least one of the town’s brilliant caves. Lake Cave and Mammoth Cave are the popular attractions, and their natural beauty will take your breath away. The light show in Lake Cave is something that no guest should miss out on. It is 25km away from the town itself, but those lifelong memories are well worth that small journey.
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Margs is a particularly brilliant stop for any groups travelling by campervan. Moreover, the scenery and natural beauty will ensure you have a great time regardless of how long you stay. Nonetheless, embracing those tips before heading to your next stop (or going home) should take the joy to another level.

You already know that Margaret River is an increasingly popular holiday spot. By the time you return, you’ll appreciate why.

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