Dubai, a charming changing emirate to visit

Ten years or so ago, Dubai was an emerging tourist destination. The artificial island was built, shops and malls open, hotels inaugurated. Many people visited Dubai in those days and found a luring destination. It was a rather cheap destination – and, with a reasonable budget (there are plenty of free things to see in Dubai), you could do great and buy some really wonderful souvenirs or even various items.

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Years went by, and nowadays Dubai is an emirate where many expats live and many businesses have offices. And, from what many of my friends say, the costs changed as well.

Yes, you can still find a way to manage on a tight budget (as in many other parts of the world), but it is not what it used to be.

I was recently discussing this topic with a friend from South Africa who was there 11 years ago and then again, two years ago and she was telling me that the differences are amazing.

More than that, she now prefers to go to others emirates in that area – or countries in other continents – on her vacations.

My husband also visited Dubai (he went there with his job) and discovered an interesting culture and society. He liked what he saw but, unfortunately, he didn’t manage to visit much (short stay as mentioned).

But here are some photos from this emirate that I hope you’ll like. Also, don’t forget that you need a Dubai tourist visa in order to visit this emirate.

Dubai - check out the paratrooper in the background
Dubai – check out the paratrooper in the background
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  1. A lot of my friends are there already because of work. I also want to go there soon but just to travel. Hopefully I get to visit Dubai 🙂

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