Mountain Climbing: Tips For Beginners

Traveling: what’s it all about? For many, it’s about the adventure. If you want to see what’s that all about, try to do things that push you outside of your comfort zone on your next trip, whether it’s on a two week vacation or an extended vacation. Climbing a mountain could be a very good idea. Or, if you don’t think you could manage a whole mountain, how about hiking to base camp, instead? (This is the slightly easier option that a lot of travelers choose, and one that can be just as exciting.)


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If you’re new to climbing, then the idea of conquering a mountain will be daunting. However, don’t let that put you off, as climbing a mountain could just be the best thing that you have ever done. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that you will get when you finally reach the peak of a mountain, whether it’s Mount Everest or a slightly smaller peak. Plus, you’ll have the chance to admire a wonderful landscape!

While your first few mountain climbs can be a little nerve-wracking, they can also be utterly incredible. But make sure to be prepared and have all the essential gear (and support) that you need on hand, as well as doing plenty of planning.

Start small and build up

Like any activity that is new to you, it’s always best to start small and build up. How most climbers start out is at climbing centres learning the ropes, followed by attending local climbs up smaller peaks. It’s activities like these that not only build skill and stamina, but also confidence, which is vital when it comes to undertaking any mountain climb. Don’t rush things, take your time learning the key skills and gaining confidence.

Choose the right time of year

Mountains are dangerous. Impressive, but also dangerous. And you should know that there are recommended periods to climb and months when it’s forbidden. Make sure to do your research and learn when is the best time to hike the mountain you want to climb. For example, if you want to climb Kilimanjaro, learn when is the best time to hike it. Safety should always come first!

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Invest in the right kit

If you are going to successfully climb a mountain, you need to ensure that not only have you undergone the right training and are physically fit, but also that you have the right kit. Before your trip, take the time to research what you will need to wear to hike up the mountain that you have chosen. If you are going through a specialist company, they should provide you with a kit list that you can use to help. If not, you can find some useful ones online.

It may take a lot of time and effort to get to the point where you are ready to climb your first ‘real’ mountain, but every minute of preparation is worthwhile. Because when you reach that peak, and see the incredible view that it offers, you will feel a sense of achievement like no other.

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