Master photography with this complete guide for beginners #infographic

Today we have many editing programs that help us enhance our photos. But sometimes these programs are powerless because the initial photo is unusable. Before taking photos with your DSLR camera (or similar), in order to make sure you’ll take the best possible photos, you should know the basics. Here is the complete guide to photography for beginners, a useful infographic from KatchUp.

I remember the first time I saw a DSLR – over ten years ago. I was impressed – compared to the traditional camera I had (using a film.) But I was also overwhelmed: so many settings, so many things to know.

It appeared to be so hard to understand it all, but, trying to learn my way around with the settings, I started to take better photos.

Yes, it is important to know what ISO should you use and when; what is the exposure and what depth of field should you use.

Each setting influence the way your photos look. So take a moment, look at the infographic then play with your camera and its settings. Try different settings and see how photos change. With each photo you take, you’ll know more about taking great pictures!

#Photography for beginners #infographic

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13 thoughts on “Master photography with this complete guide for beginners #infographic

  1. The infographic is so cute and easy to understand! I’m a photography enthusiast as I consider it one of my favorite hobbies. Despite all the editing apps available nowadays, indeed, it is still important to take beautiful photos in its raw or original form. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. I am glad you find it useful! Indeed, there are many programs here to help us today, but it’s always better to have an already great photo to use 😉 Good luck to you and to many amazing photos!

  2. I don’t have a DSLR. What I usually use are my HD Cam, Samsung Cam, Ipod or my 5mp cam phone. Will your guide be useful to these as well?

    1. This is a guide for DSLR cameras, Yvonne 🙂 Smartphone or iPod cameras already have various settings included (they perform auto-focus, they have image stabilizer, etc.) Or you can choose a program and edit a photo after taking it, before publishing it 😉 Have fun!

  3. I need to pin this! This is such a useful guide. I always said I want to learn to be better at photography but when I’m out, it seems like it’s so much easier to set my camera to automatic. Need to make changes!

  4. I really find these infographics useful (and cute!). The information presented are easy on the eyes and I’m bookmarking this page for future references. Thanks for sharing these tips on basic photography know-how.

  5. This is a very useful page even if I do not use a DSLR for the basic principles of photography. Since the advent of excellent camera phones, I did not see the need to buy a bulkier and more expensive camera.

  6. I’ve seen many infographic guide on using DSLR, so this is definitely not new.
    But I love your little cute koala! Somehow, it made everything easier to absorb!

  7. This is the most helpful infographic on photography I’ve ever seen! Haha! The koala is so cute! 😀

  8. I learned a lot from the infographics. I guess this simplifies photography. You are right we need to have better base photos than post processing works.

  9. The balance in learning of photography wherein considering some aspects of it. Controlling the lights, environs, and other facets of it. The infographics can help it too.

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