Top travelling spots from famous classical books [#Infographic]

For those who love to read, some places become special places. Take, for instance, baker Street, in London – where Sherlock Holmes had his office. As a matter of a fact, nowadays there is a Sherlock Holmes museum in London, but this is another aspect. If you had the chance to be in London and you loved Conan Doyle’s books and famous detective, wouldn’t you want to see that particular building? Or would you like to see Juliet’s balcony?

Many of the special spots included in different classical books can be visited nowadays, and compiled a comprehensive infograpahic with such memorable places to include in your travels. I just received it on my email and couldn’t help sharing it with you. I really think it is an interesting infographic worth sharing 🙂

Where would you like to go from all these amazing places?

Top travelling spots from famous classical books [#Infographic]

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