Good Luck Charms from across the globe #infographic

If you start to take a look at various habits across the globe you’ll notice that many people believe that some rituals or objects bring them good luck. There are many good luck charms across the globe and the infographic below includes many of them.
In Romania I know that finding a 4 leaves clover is considered to bring good luck – and maybe horseshoes.

What items are considered good luck charms in your country?

As you’ll see below, in the infographic, the cat statue on the counter down the local Chinese takeaway is called maneki-neko and is actually Japanese. Moreover, in China, although associated with occult in the West, bats are considered lucky in this country because they ward off evil.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective – or origin. For instance, walking under a ladder is considered bad luck in the West, while in Egypt ladders are associated with good luck dating back to ancient times.

And did you know that it is common in Poland for people to keep the scales from their Christmas carp in their wallets year round to bring good fortune?

In the end, everyone can agree that luck is important. Sometimes, a bit of luck is all we need! And if a small item can bring luck, why not use it – especially if it does not harm anyone?

Good Luck Charms #Infographic
Good Luck Charms #Infographic
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18 thoughts on “Good Luck Charms from across the globe #infographic

  1. This is very very interesting to me. The information is very educational about the cultures of these countries. I will keep on coming back to read this and memorize the trivia about each symbol.

  2. It’s cool that each place has a charm of its own. That would be a great collection. You’ll surely end up lucky if you get most of these.

  3. Wow great post! I enjoyed learning about these new informations! It says a lot about a culture, doesn’t it?

  4. I have horse shoe and old coin that I liked most for my charms that it worked everytime. I must admit, I believed for these as good luck.

  5. Amazing frogs are good luck? And fish?And pig? And even Bamboo? Haha A lot of lucky charms that makes me feel like I have some good luck every day! 😀 haha

  6. Thhat’s a nice infographic about good luck charms! I believe the charms like four leaf clover, and the eye-stone. Dream catcher is pretty popular nowadays too!

  7. I see the Maneki Neko in every Chinese store, not just restaurants. There are even those that speak “Welcome, come back again!”. :))

  8. This is so cool to know. It made me think if we also have good luck charms in our country. Unfortunately, I think there’s none.

  9. I found this most informative. Being Asian I am quite familiar with most of the Asian symbols of good luck. It was good to find out that throughout the world even in Europe and the Middle East, many cultures similarly have their own lucky charms.

  10. Lucky charms are so nice to look at especially when turned into pendants, for bracelets and necklaces! It’s good to know we have a lot!

  11. This is interesting. In the Philippines, we always believe in good luck charms, many are influenced by the Chinese. One particular good luck charm is a bullet, which have become a major concern in our airports.

  12. The number 8 is really a very lucky number among the Chinese in our country. Car license plates or cellphone numbers with the multiple 8s or those at least ending in 8 are very popular.

  13. Wow now i get to know all the good luck charms from across the globe. Thanks for sharing this infographic.

  14. Some people believed about these good luck charms since antiquities. I delved with these charms within me since childhood.

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