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A long time ago I was speaking with someone about travelling. We were talking about trying to see different cities in an era when it was difficult to travel, to go outside of my country and, from topic to topic, we ended up talking about why we travel. And we realized we had different arguments, reasons, but enjoyed travelling just as much. So, from starters, one thing is clear: the reasons for travelling vary – but we love to travel. I love to discover new places, to meet new people, to visit famous museums and get a glimpse of the past times, to see famous masterpieces, to discover the famous places or to go off the beaten path. But, instead of just telling you why I travel, I decided to ask some dear friends (some from Romania, not necessarily travel bloggers) and some online travelers and friends. So, I’, inviting you to see below what my friends answered when I asked them: “Why do you travel?”

Duomo di Milano
Duomo di Milano

Marlys Schuermann
//easyhiker.co.uk and //allthingsriviera.com

Escape from the humdrum of routine – that’s basically why I love to travel. It doesn’t have to be a long journey. Sometimes it can just be a day’s hop (about half an hour away by bus) to the next interesting town near where we live. Traveling gives me the feeling of being free (from what, I don’t really know. Perhaps escaping the worrying about that pile of laundry needing ironing or meeting that deadline for a job?) Travel refreshes the mind’s eyes and revives the senses dulled by everyday domestic worries or office boredom. Travel may be physically exhausting sometimes but it certainly revitalizes the spirit every time.

Natalie Sayin

I travel because it helps me to practise the universal law of allowing. It is liberating to discover different circumstances and meet new people and be able to accept them for what and who they are. Each journey brings new experiences that help me to decide what I want for my future. Each trip is a reminder that I don’t need to feel trapped by the system, of which rules and “just surviving” has become normality.

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Alina Popescu

I started travelling when I was very young. It started with local camps and trips with my parents, peppered with drives in the countryside. I was thirteen when my first trip abroad happened and many more followed since. I feel like travelling is part of who I am and that’s the reason I always want to have a next trip somewhere. I love the thrill of discovering new places, meeting new people, and getting lost in a labyrinth that I don’t really want to find my way out of. I use all the reasons I can find to travel more, and whenever I can’t go on as many trips as I want, well, I am a little less happy about my life

Irina Bartolomeu

No matter how beautiful and well-written the memories and travel journals are, one shall not fully understand the writers’ eyes and souls but when one walks the city step by step and feels for oneself the history, culture and civilization of that place.

Cristina Puscas

To grow
New experiences are what we are after and they allow us to grow. As individuals and as a couple. Each plane ride, each train trip… Every person you meet along the way will help you grow.

The more you slow down to take in the vibe, the more you will grow and learn to appreciate life. Cristina has an article on her blog dedicated to this topic – check it here.

Noel Morata
Photographer, writer, multi-media artist

photography website – //noelmorata.com/

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I travel to inspire myself especially with my photography work. This is more about personal discovery and seeing things at a location (even a very well-known landmark) and creating something unique, with own viewpoint and personal stamp. Traveling excites the senses and lets me experiment especially when I see things for the first time and it always has a profound sense of appreciation, learning and being connected as an individual with a sense of purpose to my life.

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Golden Gate, Copyright Noel Morata
Golden Gate, Copyright Noel Morata

Why do you travel?

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