Quirky things to do in Amsterdam #infographic

Amsterdam is a worldwide famous city and one of the safest places to travel to in Europe and many people dream of visiting it. Many of those who come here fall in love with the city and end up going back again and again. And it is no wonder since Amsterdam offers so many attractions for so many tastes and preferences.

Some of this activities are quite interesting, even unusual. Or spectacular. I admit that I do want to have the Corpus experience, for instance (and my son would definitely enjoy it as he is passionate about the human body).

The CatBoat sounds interesting, as well as the public library – and these are only a few of the quirky attractions in Amsterdam included by DealChecker.co.uk in a recent infographic they compiled. What would you add to the list of special things to do and see in Amsterdam?

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Quirky things to do in Amsterdam #infographic

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