A local’s guide to Selje, Norway

Selje, Norway is a true gem to discover. This local’s guide to Selje, Norway invites you to discover an off the beaten path small town with a gorgeous beach, splendid landscape, and that special atmosphere of a less touristy place. Find out the top attractions, where to eat and stay, and tips for Selje from Maria from both-paths.com. This guide is part of the free travel guides series on this blog.


A local’s guide to Selje, Norway

On the west coast of Norway lies the hidden treasure Selje. It is not taken over by “the tourist industry” and you get an authentic small town feeling. Selje is within short distance of spectacular hiking trails, fishing spots and so much more. It is a small town with less than 700 inhabitants. While the town is small, it is amazing and perfect for tourists. It gives you a break from the big city and has tons of options of what to see and do. Selje is also the location of the legend of St. Sunniva.

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Top Attractions in Selje

Selje beach is a white sandy beach. Beaches like this is not often found in Norway and it makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. The beach is gorgeous, with a beautiful white wooden church and traditional boat houses in the end.

Selje beach
Selje beach

Hoddevik and Ervik are must-visits when traveling to Selje. These are two of the most popular surf spots in Norway, and they are also extremely beautiful. Surrounded by steep mountains, and the drive there is just breathtaking.

While in Selje you should hike “Risnakken” it is only a 20 minute hike, but the view is out of this world. You can see the whole town, the beach and the surrounding islands. There are newly built stairs the whole way up, which makes the hike relatively easy.

View from Risnakken
View from Risnakken

The island right outside of Selje is called Selja and it is the home to the legend of Saint Sunniva. Legend says she was a kings daughter from England who was supposed to marry a heathen. She and her helpers ran away and ended up on Selja island. Long story short, they got into trouble with the locals and when they came to get her she hid in a cave and prayed to God. God then heard their prayers and the cave collapsed in on them. A monastery was built in her honor, and the ruins are still there. You can also walk up into the cave, and there is “holy” well.

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Selje Off the Beaten Path

All of Selje is off the beaten path. While it is beautiful and filled with amazing tourist spots it is not filled with tourists. Most people you meet will be locals. Selje is a hidden treasure in Norway.


Where to Eat in Selje

As Selje is so small the options are limited. You have a café, a “restaurant” and a gas station where you can buy fast food. The café and the restaurant both have great options for Norwegian food. The café is located at one of the places to stay “Doktorgåren” and the restaurant “Åheimsbuda” is also a bar/club at night. Åheimbuda is located in the center of Selje, with a outside area overlooking the ocean.

Where to Stay in Selje

In Selje on of the most popular options of where to stay is the camping site. You have the option to bring your own caravan, tent or you can rent a great cabin. The campsite is perfectly located and surrounded by beautiful nature.

The other popular option is Doktorgården, it has four guestrooms as well as a shop, café and art gallery. It is in the centre of town and great if you want a bit more luxury than a campsite can offer.

Tips for Selje

Be prepared for any weather. Wind, rain, snow and sun can all happen in the same day. The weather can be amazing to watch, just make sure you bring the right clothes.
You should know that this is a very small town, you should not expect big city “luxuries”. There are limited options for where to stay, where to eat and how to get around. However the small town charm is the best.

Selje is one of the most beautiful places I know and I still return with every chance I get. The nature will never stop amazing me. Selje is a hidden secret that deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list.

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A local's guide to Selje, Norway | #attractions in #Selje #Norway | hotels in Selje | food in Selje | Selje attractions | Selje travel guide | Selje tips | best places to visit in Selje | tourist places in Selje


6 thoughts on “A local’s guide to Selje, Norway

  1. Selje looks gorgeous! I love off the beaten path destinations that have not yet been swarmed by tourists. I hope to visit Norway again in the next few years and will be sure to check it out.

  2. The scenery looks amazing and the fact there are not many tourists around is a major plus. 4 seasons in one day weather wise sounds like were we live in Australia. Taking a hike sounds like an amazing ideal way to see the nature and the town.

  3. You had me at staying in a cabin or go camping! I love hidden outdoor small town gems like this. That beach does look amazing and I love the white chapel at the end. However, that water looks so very cold!
    Selje would be a perfect retreat to relax and even digitally detox for a weekend. Between the hiking and exploring of the site of St. Sunniva there looks like plenty to do there for a good weekend.
    Great find!

  4. Selje looks absolutely beautiful! I’ve heard so much about Norway and I always want to go there. The beach looks nice too and camping sounds the most fun! I would really check it out!

  5. First off thinking of Norway I definitely don’t imagine a beach. So that is pretty cool to know. Good to know about the weather. Seems you have to go out prepared for all weather.

  6. Selje looks the perfect small town getaway with a little bit of everything for the nature lovers. Exploring hiking trails and beautiful beaches is the dream for business travellers who want to take a pit-stop. Selje has definitely earned a spot on my bucket list.

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