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I have to say from the beginning that I love to read. I read all year long books from many genres, famous authors but also new ones, as I like to discover new writers from various countries. Yes, I also read in my vacations (not in an excessive manner) – I say vacations or trips as I am not a perpetual global traveller. A good thriller while relaxing in a vacation in the mountains – or while going to the sea – is always a good choice, for instance.

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Sometimes I read while on the road: if there is a night flight, not too long to sleep (actually I cannot sleep while flying) and with a company that doesn’t provide entertainment (movies) I do love the company of a book (at least for a while). Same goes for other means of transportation and similar conditions.

It’s all about the mood, I’ll give you that. Depending on how I feel I choose the book – sometimes it is a sci-fi, other times a mystery and so on. Sometimes the décor inspires me – and the book “chooses itself.” Other times, yes, I don’t want to read – I just want to take a break or just do something else. The mood. It also depends on the length of the vacation: if it is a one-day trip or a city break then I will probably not read (maybe a touristic guide or just something in the airplane.) All in all, I always loved to read and I was happy to see studies emphasizing the benefits of reading fiction (not to mention those showing that reading for fun is good for the children and their brain development.)

I admit I usually select a few books I take with me in my trips. I pretty much know where I’ll be, what plans I have and I choose some books I’d like to read. But travelling to a country is a good moment to discover some of the local famous authors and their masterpieces and travelling to a continent, discovering all the countries one after another – and maybe not in a big rush – is a huge opportunity to learn more about that continent, old customs, history, etc. Europe is a continent with a rich history and an impressive number of authors that marked the universal literature. You can discover the continent and its countries in many ways, from visiting museums, learning about the history of each country, talking with locals, but also by familiarising yourself with the famous authors and you can read more on this matter in this guide on reading through Europe.

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I have many European authors among my favourite writers, and sometimes reading a book, going in the places mentioned in the novel can be a special experience while visiting a country. Since today we can use various devices to read – if we don’t want to have the printed books with us – it is easier than ever to read while travelling. Of course, we should never turn a trip into a reading one – it should always be about discovering a place – but reading can help in that direction.
How about you: do you read while you travel?

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