A Beautiful Christmas Decoration with Lights from Bucharest

On December 6th, the mayor of Bucharest lit the numerous Christmas lights in Romania’s capital. I admit that I don’t see these lights as a waste, and that I really enjoy taking long walks around the city to see the interesting arrangements used to decorate the city for this winter holidays period. We planned to take the professional camera with us last night, but ended up only with the smartphone one. However, we did took some photos, for the decorations are indeed beautiful.

Here’s a photo with such Christmas lights in Bucharest – more to come after we manage to take long walks or tours with our DSLR camera :). Until then, I hope you enjoy this one. (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Christmas lights Bucharest
Christmas lights Bucharest
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3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Christmas Decoration with Lights from Bucharest

  1. I really enjoyed Bucharest when I was there in the fall. I was quite surprised actually. I can only imagine it all lit up for the holidays, with lights streaming across the broad boulevards. Thanks for sharing!

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