Dining Etiquette Across the Globe [#Infographic] (new countries)

A while ago i published an article titled Dining Etiquette Across the Globe [#Infographic]. Now it’s time for part two with new countries included: United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Vietnam, and Egypt.

The previous published infographic covered the dining etiquette in the following countries: Portugal, France, Japan, Italy, India, Thailand, and China.

As you can see different countries from different continents in both infographics. And many interesting habits compiled by The Restaurant Choice.

As I said it is nice to know the proper dinner manners in countries you are visiting (especially if there for a longer period). And, what may be common sense in one country, could be considered rude in another one.

The habits differ in terms of utensils (and how they are used), tipping, sharing or showing appreciation.

It’s great that we are different – and we can definitely use any travel, or article like this one to find out new things about different people, countries and customs – but it is even better to try to understand others and respect their way of doing things.

And, as I know my blog is read by people from all over the world, I want to ask you to share tips/interesting stuff regarding the dinner/table etiquette in your part of the world. What do you think others should know about your country/city and its dinning habits?

Dining Etiquette Across the Globe [#Infographic] (new countries)

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16 thoughts on “Dining Etiquette Across the Globe [#Infographic] (new countries)

  1. It’s really important to research on the culture before you go to a specific country. That way you know you’re not being rude to your hosts. Thanks for sharing these, it’s good to learn how different cultures dine.

  2. Wow… This is a fabulous list. Here’s 1 more – In India, using left hand to eat is considered disgusting and most of the food is best enjoyed if eaten with hands than spoon or fork or knife.

  3. I’m agree with Bhushavali. But do you know the secret??

    The secret is we never forgot to eat with our hand wherever we go, how far we go.

    You can also visit to South India to see more i.e. Food serve on Banana Leaves 🙂 Awesome experience to know other continents. Thanks for the information!

  4. Great Infographic. Especially it will be very useful when I visit these countries. Like Bhushavali mentioned, in India, left hand not to be used for eating. One more is – Chew food properly without making too much noise from the mouth.

  5. We did have a class on dining etiquette before. It would really be good to know about this to be more courteous in different places.

  6. This is a nice article sharing the information about etiquette and indeed very important. Wish you have added more countries to the list.

  7. There are really so many varied eating customs in each and every country. We should really learn them before going there to avoid an insulting fauxpas. Also the tipping rules!

  8. Very informative. This is a must to learn before visiting such countries as people nowadays are becoming very observant when they’re on the dining.

  9. Good! Thanks for the easy to understand dining etiquette infographic. At least now I will take note what to do and what not to do in certain country.

  10. Very useful information and yes I agree that it is crucial to learn other country’s dos and fonts before visiting because some times one action may deem acceptable in another country may be offensive in another.

  11. Infographics are always very captivating. This information was well-served (pun intended) Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more similar info!

  12. Nice infograph! But guess what, if it’s Macdonalds, all the etiquette will be the same! Haha, international food! I like how they even show the different food from different countries! What about China? It’s missing!

  13. I love your infographics! They always show a comprehensive yet easy way to do things. Plus, the fun graphics makes each tip easier to remember

  14. Wow interesting! In the Philippines, tips are highly appreciated but I don’t think most follow the 10%-20% rule on tipping.

  15. Nice graphics. Definitely useful for travelers who’s always on the go. It’s also interesting to know about the different dining etiquettes in different cultures.

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