Gorgeous view of the Bran Castle

One of the beautiful castles in Romania (and well maintained) is Bran Castle. Many of you might now it as Dracula’s Castle as, indeed, Bram Stoker created the famous vampire and placed the action in this part of Europe. Did you know that “Bran” means “gate” in Turkish? – the castle is places in the Rucar-Bran area, a famous commercial route.

The castle, in “real life” was a royal castle – with roots going way back to the Teutonic Knights – “Ordo domus Mariae Sanctae Theutonicorum Hierosolimitanorum” in 1211 and then with an approval to built a castle here that, in time, had a huge military and commercial importance. It also served as a hiding place for rulers in times of trouble and, later, became a favorite residence of Queen Maria of Romania.

A troubled history, a terrific one and it is no surprise that it was featured in one of the most famous vampire books in history.

I will present this castle with all that it has to offer to its visitors in a later article, today I wanted to show you a gorgeous view from inside the castle. Keep in mind that Saturday it was raining, so the photo was taken by a not so new smartphone – but indeed the view is amazing! Take a look at the clouds on the mountains behind the castle 😉

I hope you like this view of the and from the Bran Castle in Romania.

Bran Castle, Romania
Bran Castle, Romania
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