5 Tips For Travellers Who Want To Travel To Thessaloniki

Greece is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. Thessaloniki is one of the most affordable family holiday spots in Greece, particularly with regard to food.

Because of its diminished tourism contrasted with the islands and the southern region, the core of the city has been generally untainted and in this manner well disposed for those on a minimal spending plan who might want to visit.

The city’s notoriety for being a lively and vibrant capital teeming with students implies that there are a lot of notable popular student areas to shop and eat on a tight spending plan.

As a side note, Greece is filled with amazing places to discover. Santorini is one of the best wedding destinations and don’t forget about one of the top bucketlist attractions in Europe. Also, Crete is a popular European vacation destination, and you can even consider a bird seeing tour in Greece.

Thessaloniki travel tips

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Have enough money on you

As a member of the EU, Greece uses the Euro as its official currency. ATMs are present around the city, but there are few exchange bureaus, therefore it is ideal to do exchanges at the airport or take cash out when you arrive.

For shopping and upscale eateries and supermarket chains, cards are usually accepted. However, most places prefer cash and will bring your bill to the table. Servers keep change with them.

You will require a lot of change for the buses and taxicabs if you intend to utilize them. In case you’re a non-EU visitor, make sure to request a GST receipt as you can guarantee your tax-back at the airport.

Getting around

Visitors can pick either taxi or public bus to explore the city. The taxi fares are quite attractive. The taxi will be the most beneficial option to see the city for vacationers visiting as a group.

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You can hail a cab through your phone or get one from a designated parking area or simply flag one down in the street.

Foreigners should note that local drivers don’t always keep to the road traffic guidelines. Visitors ought to be fairly mindful and cautious when driving. And if you are walking around the city, be cautious when going across a street.

Thessaloniki Cathedral - St. Demetrius
Thessaloniki Cathedral – St. Demetrius

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Try not to get carried away

Thessaloniki is perceived as a peaceful and quiet tourist destination. However, travellers should be alert and not get carried away wherever they are in the city.

Do not leave personal items unwatched under any circumstances. Also, you should only exchange currency at official financial institutions.

When going out for adventure in the city you should not keep a lot of cash and other expensive items that can catch the attention of pickpockets.

Affordable Eating

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to spend a lot to get cheap food in Thessaloniki. You will get plenty of pasta, pizza, salads, and souvlaki which are only going to cost you about a euro or two.

Things to know about visiting Thessaloniki, Greece: eating souvlaki and more

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Coffee shops and bakeries can also be affordable options for those on a budget; a small coffee will only cost you a little over a euro, as will most of their baked goods and beverages in the cabinets.

This is especially common in student areas near the Rotunda and the University of Thessaloniki.

Getting out of trouble

Many tourists get into trouble while vacationing in another country. And this is mainly due to their lack of understanding of local laws. Visitors are most prone to breaking traffic laws, smoking in non-smoking areas, vaping, taking pictures where it is prohibited, and it could get as serious as getting involved in accidents. If you find yourself stuck in any legal troubles, oikonomakislaw.com is the best law firm in Thessaloniki.

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