21 Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness #infographic

Motion sickness. It’s awful. Often, it ruins trips, stopping people from enjoying a wonderful landscape (while traveling by boat, car or airplane). But, even if it’s not necessarily something that can be cured, there are some tips and ways to avoid motion sickness.

My husband flies on a weekly basis with his job. He suffers from motion sickness. Yes, that’s not a good combination. So what does he do?

Well, from a pilot – and doctors – he found out that there are some pills available. A pill works for 24 hours and indeed makes a flight bearable, allowing him to enjoy it.

I didn’t use to have motion sickness, but it appears that now I, unfortunately, have developed it. And I have it when travelling by car as well. In my case it seems to be from the modification of the angle of the cylinder of my glasses. Anyway, the same pill helped me as well.

But there are other tips as well. The most important, is to stay near a window – have a point of reference, being able to see outside. For the car, this translates into staying on the front seat – a condition, unfortunately.

But motion sickness differs from a person to another. For some it’s worse than for others. So, a general recommendation is to try various remedies, to see what helps you better deal with the motion sickness and stick with those things. You could ask a doctor if a pill could help – and follow their advice.

As it turns out, many people suffer from motion sickness. So here is an infographic by Dive.In and they’ve put together 21 ways to avoid motion sickness, whether you travel by car, airplane or boat. I hope the tips will help you.

What would you add to the list?

21 Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness #infographic

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18 thoughts on “21 Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness #infographic

  1. Thanks for the explanations and I know few people who could use this and learn from it. I am not a sick person when I am traveling but my wife is.

  2. You could also consider packing your mobile phone with the Nevasic app installed.

    SOURCE: Motion sickness clinical trial by Westminster College of Medicine – published in the Journal of Travel Medicine.

    No drugs, no side effects, nothing ingested and always at hand if you have your phone with you. Incidentally – it doesn’;t need internet connection to work so if you are in a remote location – it stills works.

  3. I always stay by the window. Apart from the fact that I love to watch the scenery, I also find it reassuring when I just look outside. I also avoid reading while in a moving vehicle. Great tips you shared here in your post!

  4. I was looking for this kind of a post!! Thanks for posting this. I suffer motion sickness on all kind of transportations – car, bus, boat and cannot enjoy the travel. I will try some of these tips for sure.

  5. I always have motion sickness when I’m seated at the back of a car. Other than that, I don’t have issues traveling. Thanks for the tips though!

  6. I usually settle for gums to avoid motion sickness. I think proper breathing and posture also helps.

  7. For me: In the car: I don’t get carsick when I drive or when I go shotgun. On a ferry, I do not go sit inside the cabin. I do not get seasick when I am in fresh air.

  8. I always get motion sickness when I’m on my phone or reading while on the road, I’ll take note of these tips to avoid having it.

  9. I got sea-sickness once and it was terrible. I felt like a merlion and I had no control of my vomit. As for car, although I get car-sickness sometimes when the air in the car was bad… Never knew there’s tips like these!

  10. I used to have bad travel sickness in my childhood. Train travels were ok but road travels always made me throw up. Overtime as I started travelling more and more, finally it went off… I’m glad!

  11. I always eat and drinks lots of water before hoping in to the car. esp if its a long travel. my only issue is my bladder though coz I drinks tons of water, lol

  12. Thanks for the infograhic, it helps and I have save it. I got motion sickness very easily usually during landing. It can be quite disturbing and troublesome when i travel.

  13. I used to have bad travel sickness in my school days. Train travels were ok but roadways always made me throw up. Somehow in my adulthood as I travelled more n more it went away.

  14. I have motion sickness in riding a car., especially in a long trip. What I do is to take my med 2 hours before the trip to stop nausea.

  15. When I was a kid, I had to take Bonamine to lessen motion sickness. I’m glad that I hardly experience it nowadays.

  16. That’s a very helpful infographic, fun to look at too! My brother suffers from motion sickness and he just takes scopolamine before the trip to get over it.

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