9 Tips on Planning Your First Big 5 Safaris

If you are planning to take a break from your routine you would want to look for holiday destinations that allow you to go outdoors and explore the world. Exploring the natural landscape and the wild animals can be fun, adventurous and educational. Many wildlife enthusiasts choose safari trips which would make it easier for them to be close to action and know more about the landscape around them.

Choosing Big 5 safaris would be a great idea especially if you are planning an Africa wildlife trip. This would allow you to explore the Big 5 animals that most wildlife enthusiasts would want to cover. However, if you have never done that before you need to be clear about how you can optimize your safari trip and get the most out of it.

9 Tips on Planning Your First Big 5 Safaris

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Here are 9 tips on how you should plan your first Big 5 safari tour.

Research Well

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We live in the world of information and technology and therefore it is essential that you focus on how you can collate all the data related to Big 5 safari tours.

This can make things easier for you because you can choose and decide what tour operators you want to choose and what options are available.

There are many destinations across Africa where you can enjoy Big 5 tours and therefore some research can help you make better decisions. If you are relatively new to wildlife safari tours you can choose South Africa as one of the destinations for your tour.

Timing is Critical

When you are heading for a Big 5 tour you want to ensure that you choose the right time of the year. Hence, you must be clear about the weather conditions to ensure that you can optimize your trip.

If you time your tour right you can also explore South Africa’s Big Seven. While most countries that offer Big 5 tours are in Africa they have different weather conditions and therefore you must know if you want to choose the wet or dry season.

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May to September is the best time when the dry winter months can offer better visibility. Similarly, if you are interested in bird watching you can visit Africa from November to April during the green season.

Make Plans Mutually

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If you are planning Big 5 safari tours with your partner you would want to evaluate and compare the plans mutually. This is essential because you want to enjoy the tour with your partner and family.

Therefore, it is essential that when you choose safari plans you talk to your partner and family members and decide what would be the best thing for you on the trip.

Pace Yourself

When you are heading for your first safari trip excitement can get the better of you and compel you to travel and cover more places. However, this can be exhausting and make you feel tired at the end of the day.

It is essential that you realize that you will not be able to cover more areas if you are on a short trip. Hence, you need to pace yourself and plan your trip accordingly to give yourself and your loved ones enough time to rest and unwind to make the most out of the trip.

You can take a day off and just be at your camp or lodge for a day as you soak in the local vibes.

Pack Right

When you are planning a Big 5 safari tour you must focus on what you pack. This is essential because you want to carry the right clothing and other accessories that you will need during the tour. It is always a good thing to know what to pack for an African safari which would allow you to keep your baggage as light as possible.

Also, if you are carrying your laptop and cameras you must be clear about how much you want to take and avoid. If you are heading for a trip in the wet season you would want to pack accordingly to protect yourself from the wet conditions.

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Avoid wearing strong perfumes and scents and brightly coloured clothes which would attract attention and drive away the animals.

Choose Private Tours

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While there are many group tours available for Big 5 safari you must always look for private tours which would offer you better experiences. So you need to look for local tour operators who would provide you with excellent private safaris offering you better game viewing experiences.

This also means that you will have a private guide that will take you through the tour and provide you with better knowledge and information concerning the terrain and climate.

Focus on Your Safety

When you are out there in the open you need to focus on your safety first. This is essential because you do not want to be in the wrong situation. You need to be clear about what things you can do and what you should not. Additionally, you have to obey your guide and follow the safety rules when you are on a trip.

If you are interested in taking wildlife pictures you can make use of the best wildlife cameras you can carry along to take pictures from a distance. For this, you can carry the best camera bags for wildlife photography.

Book the Right Accommodations

When you are planning a safari tour you also want to focus on accommodations that can make a difference. You can choose from local tents, camps, lodges, and even private villas when you are heading for a safari tour.

A lot depends on your preferences and budget and therefore you need to evaluate and compare different accommodations that can help you stay with your loved ones and family.

If you are willing to spend more money you can choose opulent villas that offer you spectacular panoramic views and luxurious facilities and amenities including pickup and drop airport transfers.

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Enjoy Your Time

While you might be a good planner you need to keep an open mind and focus on enjoying your time out there in the open. Your first safari tour might not go exactly the way you plan, but you need to be flexible about how you can make the most of the conditions and weather you get.

Also, you will interact with many local people who have different beliefs, traditions, and customs which can give you a culture shock but you need to smile and take it in stride.

With the right mindset, you can ensure that you can have a great Big 5 safari tour which allows you to return with more knowledge and experience.

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