What to pack for a trip to Europe in spring: travel essentials

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Are you planning your trip to Europe in spring and don’t know what your should take with you? Here’s what to pack for a trip in Europe in spring.

One note: I traveled a lot in Europe in spring – both short and longer trips. And, while I pack quite a few things, I actually try to keep it to a minimum – both clothing and accessories. Let’s see this useful packing list for Europe in spring.

One important note: packing for a European trip can be a bit challenging.

people at an airport. Discover what to pack for a trip to Europe in spring from this article.

Weather in Europe in spring

To know what to expect, here are a few details about the weather in Europe in spring.

Traveling in Europe from March to May means you need to expect changing weather, a bit of cold in March, and days that can start cold, get warm, then have rain, and end in cold.

April starts to be warmer – and May is a lot more travel friendly.

Conclusion: you need to be prepared and have some layers (to be able to take off a jacket/hoodie) and something to protect you from the rain.

What to pack for a trip in Europe in spring

In terms of clothing, think comfortable. And, as specified above, think comfortable. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • 2 pairs of jeans / pants;
  • jacket/hoodie/cardigan
  • 4-6 blouses (one / day)
  • a scarf (if traveling in March or April)
  • underwear and socks
  • 1-2 pairs of shoes (or, if May, a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes)
  • a pajama
  • accessories: jewelry and make-up (yeah, I usually have 2 pairs of earrings and 1-2 rings and a small make-up set plus a black eye pencil)

Luggage for Europe

Now, I may be a bit different than many, but… here it is.

I have a purse – but I use it on the airplane (I have my cell there, money, ID card, etc.) When visiting various places, I prefer to have a bag for my camera with a few pockets where I keep everything I need: tissues, money, id, camera, a bottle of water, and a small umbrella if they say it can be a rainy day. And that’s it.

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I have a wheeled luggage – a trolley – that I use – clothing, etc.

Other items to pack for Europe

I never pack toiletries – as I book hotels that offer such items – book your Europe vacation here.

I pack some electronics – my laptop, camera, a battery pack (this is for the airplane/road). Sometimes, a travel plug is required as there are quite a few types of plugs in Europe and an adapter is a great idea. There are simple adapters or adapters with USB plugs as well.

What if I get sick in Europe? In that case, remember to acquire a travel health insurance – SafetyWing has a very affordable product at $37 / 4 weeks – you can read more about this travel medical insurance here.

The items above are my things to pack for a trip to Europe in spring. The list of travel essentials for Europe can be a bit larger if you have official events – or you like to go out in the evening (therefore you may consider adding an evening dress/formal/party outfit).

How about you? What do you always pack for your trips?

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