Four Stunning Places That Have To Be Seen From The Water

Whether you are a salty sea dog already, or your sea legs are a little bit shaky, it’s difficult to deny that some places are better visited by boat than by land. Some areas of our beautiful planet are completely inaccessible without the use of waterborne transport, and some just command far more impressive views from that angle. Whether you’re more interested in a luxury cruise, or you’d prefer to help man a sailing vessel, here are four places that really have to be seen from the water.

1. Norwegian fjords

With Norway being up there as one of the most expensive countries to visit on the entire planet, you’re going to want to take as much with you from cheaper lands as you can. What better way is there than to approach on a boat with all your provisions with you? Being able to see the incredible waterfalls up close and personal from a boat is a breathtaking experience, and the fjords look entirely different from below than above. Truly, the only way to see the fjords is by boat.

Norway fjords - pixabay
Norway fjords

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2. Icecaps of Alaska

The Last Frontier of the United States of America is pretty impenetrable by road. In fact, the capital Juneau can only really be reached by air or by the ocean. The wildlife and stunning scenery are best viewed from the water, especially up the west coast from British Columbia. Alaska cruises are by far the best way to see orcas and otters, as well as the rugged coastline and snow-capped mountains that make the state so special.

3. River Nile

While many choose to see the lush silt plains of the Nile by land, there is no better way to experience it than by boat. Cruise ships and day boats both meander up and down the river, stopping at temples, pyramids, and nature reserves. The view from the water is outstanding, with birds of paradise and big cats regularly visible. Traveling with a reputable company makes it easier to visit places that others might not feel so safe to visit in today’s political climate, so by boat is by far the best way to see Egypt.

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River Nile - pixabay
River Nile

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4. The Amazon

Just like Alaska, the area around the Amazon River in South America is almost completely inaccessible by road, other than small loggers tracks. By boat, however, the whole rainforest is opened up to you, and there’s really no better way to experience its vast size and biodiversity than being right there on the water. Taking in the incredible plants and animals from the luxury of a cruise ship is a surefire way to add some comfort to a hot and humid continent.

Traveling by water really is the only way to see some of the incredible sights that our world has to offer. Without the opportunity to travel by cruise ship or sailing boat, some of these places would be completely inaccessible, and you might never get the chance to experience the beauty of the plants, animals, and scenery in these areas. A voyage by sea has to be on everyone’s bucket list.


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