Lancaster City: The perfect weekend getaway

Lancaster City is a small city located in Pennsylvania with a total population of around sixty thousand residents living around an area of 7 square miles. Lancaster city has great geographical location because it is located within the driving distance of major cities like Washington DC: the capital of United States, New York: the most developed city in the world and other major cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia.

640px-North Duke Street Lancaster, photo by Scanlan on Wikipedia
640px-North Duke Street Lancaster, photo by Scanlan on Wikipedia

But it is not the geographic location that makes it a perfect weekend getaway spot but the safe neighbourhoods, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities, historic preservations and dinner theater in Lancaster PA which display live arts and acting scenes are some of the few reasons that makes Lancaster the perfect weekend getaway spot. The city holds in high esteem the various cultural and ethnic lifestyles of its residents and it can be seen when one visits the city.

Besides the countryside laced with history, art and fun one will get the opportunity to experience the hospitality the city has to offer. The city maybe small but there is no shortage of unique, fun and creative things one gets to do in Lancaster. Whatever kind of person one may be, Lancaster country in Pennsylvania has something to offer to everyone.

Long’s Park which is built on an 80 acre land situated has been running since 1900 in the northwest corner of Lancaster. The park was gifted to the town by Judge Henry Grimly Long and his daughter Catherine Long and is now the one of the top most attractions in Lancaster and holds a large number of events and festivals throughout the year. Some of the events and festivals include one complete season long music festival, barbeque competitions and arts exhibits.

Normally it is very difficult to gets the kids excited to go to a small city or literally anywhere if it is not Disneyland but one does not have to worry about their kids getting bored when they visit Lancaster because the city has a lot to offer for the kids too. Dutch wonderland amusement park is one of the best things to visit while travelling in Lancaster. The park consists of more than 30 rides that not only entertain kids but are also open to adults of all ages. It’s a perfect family friendly destination. There is one water park also in Lancaster which is called the Dukes Lagoon which is open only during the summer.

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Lancaster Central Market - photo by Jared Kofsky/ on Wikipedia
Lancaster Central Market – photo by Jared Kofsky/ on Wikipedia

Dinner theater in Lancaster PA is the best way to spend the night. Different plays are shown at different point of times during the year and one can book the seat and the show online without any hassles and rest assured to be impressed by the wonderful actors. Lancaster also houses one of the oldest farmers market in the country called the central market. The market is housed in a century old building made of bricks and offers the food that is better than all other parts of the country. When one is visiting the market one must try the local food called scrapple which is made of pork scraps and cornmeal.

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