Safe flights: Preflight inspection checklist

More and more people are flying when going on their vacation. While some fear that it isn’t that safe, we have to take into consideration that flying is, according to data, the safest means of transportation.

In fact, the odds of dying in a plane crash are one in 11 million according to a study from 2006 by David Ropeik, a Risk Communication instructor at Harvard University.

Everyone hates delays, but sometimes they save lives

I know that having a flight delayed isn’t a pleasure. And I know many people complaining about this all the time.

However, between having the plane taking off at the scheduled time and risking a crash because the preflight inspection didn’t get an all-clear and a delay, even with a missed connection, but with a flight that gets to the destination safety, what do you choose?

I will always choose the latter.

And I am happy that there is a complex preflight inspection taking place each time!

All the systems are verified – so that everyone can be certain that all will go well.

In the end, everyone wants to get safety to their destinations, right?

Pre-flight inspection checklist example

As I know not everyone knows what a pre-flight inspection consists of, here is a detailed infographic with a preflight inspection checklist from National Aero Stands.

This example of a pre-flight inspection checklist shows you that nothing is left unchecked because safety comes first.

If there aren’t any issues, the preflight inspection doesn’t take that long. The pre-flight exterior inspection takes around 10 minutes, while the pre-flight interior inspection takes between 5 to 10 minutes.

Of course, the actual time spent on the pre-flight inspection may vary a bit depending on the type of the aircraft and of the experience flying that type of airplane.

Anyway, enough said, let’s see the detailed preflight inspection checklist that may just ease your fear of flying, knowing that everything is checked thoroughly.

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Preflight inspection checklist. See what the exterior pre-flight inspection includes, what the cabin pre-flight inspection includes from this preflight inspection checklist example. #preflight #preflightinspection #flying #safety

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