Airline Passengers are Tech Savvy, But Cautious in Using Their Devices [Infographic]

The recent 2013 SITA/Air Transport World Passenger IT Trends Survey conducted at six leading airports around the world found that most passengers carry smartphones (76% this year, compared to 20% in 2010), and over 90% of airline passengers say technology helps them when travelling. However, airline passengers aren’t too quick at using their mobile devices.

Their number one concern is usability (78%); out of the respondents who cited concerns about the use of smartphones in travel, 31% mentioned they fear their phone will not work, 24% cited compatibility issues, 18% don’t consider this option better than others, 14% mentioned complicated travel, and 13% mentioned a complicated app.

However, the interest in buying tickets using their mobile phones is increasing among airline passengers reaching 70% compared to 63% in 2012.

“Technology has become an indispensible travel tool for the vast majority of today’s passengers. Our survey this year has seen 90% of them say that technology has helped them when traveling. The opportunity for further improvements is here now – with smartphones in their hands passengers are equipped to use sophisticated mobile services.

“Passengers are ready but remain at the edge of really “going mobile”. This year’s survey has shown that the industry should indeed offer mobile services that make it easier to book travel and manage the entire journey. Improving usability and utilizing the unique capabilities of smartphones is the key to increase usage. Airlines and airports that recognize this, and provide passengers with easy-to-use mobile services that improve the travel experience, will enjoy higher adoption rates and passenger satisfaction”, said Francesco Violante, CEO, SITA.

Find out more information from this survey from the infographic included below – click for a larger size.

Passenger Survey Infographic
Passenger Survey Infographic

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3 thoughts on “Airline Passengers are Tech Savvy, But Cautious in Using Their Devices [Infographic]

  1. As we know, technology is a rapidly growing trend and we are doing more and more by the day in regard to scheduling, researching, purchasing etc on our phones and other mobile devices.

    1. Yes, I see that in my case, but also around me, at my friends. It’s a “natural” trend, so to say 🙂

  2. Indeed, many apps or websites are still rather difficult to use from a smartphone, but one can do many things using such a device while and for traveling. One thing is clear though: we are using technology more and more 🙂

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