Magical Milan Cathedral

As I am working on a special article on Milan, I am also looking through my photos and I am once again conquered by this city. So, I decided to share with you today two photos of the Milan Duomo – Milan Cathedral, one from the outside, one from the inside.

This cathedral is impressive – it took a while to be finished (the construction started in 1386 and lasted for several hundred of years), but the result is amazing: a mixture of styles leading to an impressive cathedral.

Milan Duomo / Milan Cathedral
Milan Duomo / Milan Cathedral
Milan Cathedral / Milan Duomo - interior
Milan Cathedral / Milan Duomo – interior
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11 thoughts on “Magical Milan Cathedral

  1. Can’t wait to visit Milan soon! Such a gorgeous place with so much history (and fashioooooon) 😀

  2. Cathedrals are awesome. I love the individual history behind them. This one is lovely.

  3. How beautiful is that cathedral. Gorgeous. Oh my! I love seeing sites like this.

  4. I was a tad disappointed when you only shared 2 gorgeous photos and not more information and photos! I want more!

  5. The Milan Cathedral is gorgeous. What an amazing place. Would love to visit one day.

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