Smoking options while traveling

Many people across the globe smoke – and it’s actually funny if we come to think where the tobacco first appeared and how it spread on the different continents. Smokers have preferred brands and types of cigarettes – and, over the last years, numerous options appeared. Speaking of newer options, people nowadays have the opportunity to switch to e-cigarettes – and this may be a simpler option for those who travel a lot.

e-cigs are no longer a new thing. More and more people switch to vaporization (“vaping”). Some say that using e-cigarettes it’s easier to actually quit smoking. I don’t really know if that’s the case, but we could think of the fact that there are several liquids without nicotine. So, if you want to smoke but not to become addicted to the nicotine, these types of liquids can be a great option. Actually, I read that the e-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors.


photo by Horwin / Pixabay

Sure, there are several things to take in consideration when buying and using an electronic cigarette. First of all, when traveling by airplane, keep in mind that many airlines do not allow e-cigs in the cabin luggage – so you must have a checked-in bag as well.

At home, you have to pay attention where you store your e-cigarette and the liquid you use. It must be out of children’s reach – as there have been already several cases of children who suffered because they reached the liquids and drank them. But, as with any other product, you have to be careful what it’s in the reach of a child. You are responsible, as a parent.

However, e-cigarettes are easier to transport. You don’t have to be worried about finding your preferred cig – you can bring with you all the liquid you’ll need. So, it’s not like with the traditional cigars – when you often find yourself having a hard time buying your preferred brand or type of cigarettes. You have what you want all the time with you.

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I saw that my daughter wanted her husband to quit smoking. Even if he is not a heavy smoker – he prefers pipes every now and then – she still wasn’t happy with that. So, her husband tried an electronic cigarette from a friend of his and then he switched to e-cigs. He buys – no-nicotine liquids – and only smoked once every few weeks. So that’s not a bad deal in the end. And, while he travels, if he wants to take the e-cig with him, it’s easy to do that and has no trouble having the desired liquid with him.

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