Traveling, identifying property and promotion

At a first glance, it would seem like an odd title. But it is not. In fact, this is an article about something that all travelers (and not only them!) could use. Let me give you more information.

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photo by katyveldhorst / Pixabay

If you have a travel blog, you want it to be famous, right? You want people to know it and read it, right? You want to have a memorable brand – and maybe you’ll be the Coca-Cola of traveling, maybe you won’t, it doesn’t really matter. It important to try and to use as many advertising and promotional options as possible.

So today I’m going to tell you how traveling – yes, the simple act of going from a place to another – can be a great way for you to promote yourself. And I’ll also go beyond that.

When you travel, you have your luggage. And people see it. They see it at the airport, they see it in the waiting rooms, they see it in trains, at the hotel… you get the idea. So, why not make your luggage as a promotional tool?
But don’t be too upfront. Be delicate. Be discrete.

Personalize your luggage with a self-adhesive label.

Like I said: it’s the first thing people see. So why not make it a promotional vehicle for your brand – aka your travel blog?
Think of this as an unusual business card. True, you don’t include your phone there – but you can include your website. And your logo, of course. And you can even make it look like a business card. You can have a simple round/square label with your logo, or go further. Imagine a slightly bigger label with your logo, your website. Maybe even with a tagline/call-to-action.

Make sure to make this label visible – you have to lure people’s attention. Make the label unforgettable – make them think about what they saw. Don’t include too much information – a logo and a link are enough. But make each millimeter count!

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Personalizing your luggage with such a label makes it easier to identify it. And, let’s be honest, how many times did you see people having the same luggage bag model? So, be different. Make it easier for you to recognize your luggage while waiting for it at the airport, for instance. In this way, the label has a double purpose: not only it promotes you, it also helps you identify property more rapid. And keep in mind that this is an affordable promotional tool, and an easy personalizing one – you can always try Sticky Labels, for instance. So, what are you waiting for?

As you can see, you don’t have to be big, to participate in important events. Maybe you will participate someday, but until then think outside the box and use all the tools and techniques available (and that you can afford) to promote yourself in order to be more and more famous and have a bigger traffic. Using self-adhesive labels is such an easy and affordable promotional tool that you can consider for multiple purposes (you can also personalize your laptop, and more.)

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