People going to museums, theater, opera, concerts live longer: study results

A 14-year study suggests that people who visit museums, go to the theater, opera, concerts, art galleries, exhibitions, may live longer than those who don’t interact with arts.

Researchers from University College London gathered data from 6710 people age 50 and older over 14 years.

They discovered that people who engage in the arts frequently – every few months or often – have a 31% lower risk of dying during that period compared with those who don’t go to museums, opera, exhibitions, etc.

Another discovery was that people who visit museums once or twice a year, have 14% less chances to die during that period compared with those who don’t go to museums at all.

Study reveals that visiting museums helps you live longer

“This association could partly be explained by differences in cognition, mental health, and physical activity among those who do and do not engage in the arts, but remains even when the model is adjusted for these factors.” is mentioned in the study published in BMJ Journal.

The researchers acknowledge that the study was observational and, despite their steps to test methods and assumptions, they can’t assume causality. Other factors could account for the discoveries they made. They also didn’t research what type of concerts helped people live longer.

However, given the previous findings in the area, from studies from other institutions, engaging with arts is beneficial to both children and adults.

A study by National Endowment for the Arts showed that Americans over 55 who didn’t go to concerts, theater, or museums have a higher risk of hypertension.

Another study found that arts can help reduce the feeling of loneliness, while researchers from the University of Arkansas’ National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab discovered that children who took trips to museums performed better in school.

As there are so many museums worldwide, everyone can go to a museum once in a while in their hometown. People can also visit museums on their trips.

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As you know, I am a huge fan of visiting museums – and I’ve already presented you the top 60 most visited museums in the world. You can find numerous ideas of museums to visit in this top!

All the free destination guides and travel itineraries included on this website include museums in their specific destination.

You can also find a comprehensive guide to visiting the Schonbrunn museum in Vienna on this website, and I’ve recently told you all you need to know about visiting the Orsay Museum in Paris.

Why you should visit museums - how visiting museums is good for your health. Study shows engaging arts may help you live longer
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

You can also find here, on Earth’s Attractions, a comprehensive guide to Amsterdam museums so that you know what to include on your trip.

And, if you visit Bucharest, my hometown, here are the best art and history museums to check out.

I consider that one of the best things to do in each city you visit is to go to at least one museum as you get the chance to either learn more about that place or enrich yourself seeing masterpieces from artists across the globe, if we are talking about a museum such as the Louvre.

I am also happy that my son (now 8 years old) always wants to go to museums. Yes, he prefers technical and science-oriented ones, as he gets to interact more with the exhibits, but he is open to visit all types of museums and pays attention also to artworks, sculptures, etc.

Discover why visiting museums can help you live longer and the most visited museums in the world.
Mona Lisa, the Louvre


Visit museums – it’s good for you from many points of view!

For me, I admit that the biggest benefit is that I get to admire works of art by painters or sculptures I learned about in school. I also discover new artists and genres, which is always great.

Theater relaxes me – and I have pure admiration for great actors who can translate you in another time and moment for the duration of the play.

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I also like concerts – though I visit more museums and art exhibitions than attend concerts.

Study reveals that visiting museums helps you live longer. Here's how engaging arts can help you live longer. Discover the most visited museums in the world, a guide to Amsterdam museums, things to know about visiting the Orsay Museum, your guide to Schonbrunn Palace, and more. #museum #health #study #earthsattractions #museums #travel #culture #arts #art

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