Photo from Rotterdam

Nowadays we have the ability to take many pictures while we travel. This is why, upon our return from a trip, we may realize we have thousands of photos from our visit there. Each one reminds us of the things we saw and liked or found interesting in a given place.

Reading many travel blogs and speaking with people from different parts of the world and from various cultures, I realized that what is common for a person might be uncommon, interesting for another one.

So, with the promise that I’ll take many photos from my hometown as well, I’m also promising you that I’ll publish here photos more often.

Today, a photo from Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. Of course, as a first photo from this city, it features boats 😀 The photo was taken by a dear friend of mine and she provided me this picture to share it with you.

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