Photo of the Louvre Museum

One of the places I loved in Paris is the Louvre Museum. Yes, I like to visit museums when travelling, and, given the impressive number of masterpieces you can see at the Louvre Museum, I do recommend you to visit it.

I had only one day here – and some of the exhibits were closed, a part of the gallery was in renovation – but I enjoyed each moment of the visit.

From the Hammurabi code to Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa, oriental arts and old Egypt relics I had what to see.

Venus de Milo, Louvre Museum, Paris
Venus de Milo, Louvre Museum, Paris

I didn’t take many photos of the exterior of this museum, but here’s one that I like. I hope you’ll like it too.

Louvre Museum, Paris
Louvre Museum, Paris

Have you been to the Louvre Museum or Paris?

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One thought on “Photo of the Louvre Museum

  1. Funny, for me the Venus de Milo was always a small statuette standing beside David on my family’s piano. Odd to think I could go see the original.

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