Princesses’ Jewelries exhibited at the Louvre Museum

When I was in Paris, I loved the Louvre Museum. In fact, I hope I could go back there one day and visit it more thoroughly. Jewelries are some of the exhibits that really caught my eye. At the Louvre Museum you’ll be able to see jewelries from different part of the world and from various periods of time (from ancients Egypt, to Iran and to some more recent French ones).

The last section of the Louvre Museum that we visited was dedicated to Napoleon’s apartments. Here we saw some pretty amazing pieces of art, furniture and more. And, of course, jewelries.

So, today I’m presenting you in this post the Princesses’ Jewelries – diadems, crowns – exhibited here. I have to say I loved them! Don’t you?

Princesses' Jewelries
Princesses’ Jewelries
Princesses' Jewelries - crown - Louvre Museum
Princesses’ Jewelries – crown – Louvre Museum
Princesses' Jewelries - diademe- Louvre Museum
Princesses’ Jewelries – diademe- Louvre Museum
Princesses' Jewelries - Louvre Museum
Princesses’ Jewelries – Louvre Museum
Princesses' Jewelries - pearl crown - Louvre Museum
Princesses’ Jewelries – pearl crown – Louvre Museum
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  1. Wow, they certainly look royal! Very neat to see up close! Thanks for sharing!

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