Dacia/Renault’s test race track in Titu, Romania as seen from the plane

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Any car maker needs a test track to test its vehicles and components, and Renault Technologies Romania is no exception to the rule. The company inaugurated in September 2010, on a 350 ha area, the Titu Technical Centre. This includes some offices and, of course, a test track.

The track isn’t public but, if you come for landing at the Otopeni Airport from the west (bearing 081) and if you sit at the left windows you may see it from the plane – as Andrei did when returning from one of his business trips.

He took some photos – included below. The complex has nine types of tracks with a total length of 32 kilometres and around one hundred test benches.

If you are not up to date with the auto industry, then a short mention is in order. Dacia was the traditional car maker founded in 1966 in cooperation with Renault. In 1971 Nicolae Ceausescu decided that he wanted a fully-national car manufacturer, so he severed the links with Renault and Dacia remained a stand-alone business. As a consequence of the opening of the markets after 1990, the company Dacia Automobile SA) faced bankruptcy and, after some negotiations, it was bought by the Renault group in September 1999. Since then, they launched the Logan model – famous across the globe, the Duster (an SUV), the Stepway, and they have various ideas in mind for the future.

Thus being said, here are the photos with the compound as seen from the airplane (photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3).

Race track in Titu, Romania
Race track in Titu, Romania
Race track in Titu, Romania
Race track in Titu, Romania
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