Great British Staycation Locations

If you’re a Brit whose foreign holiday plans have been curtailed by current travel restrictions, you might be wondering whether you’ll manage a family holiday this year at all.

But fear not, because once normality resumes, the first places you’ll be free to visit are some of the best in the world – right here at home in Britain!

Just as we’re rediscovering all sorts of activities to keep ourselves occupied at home, one unexpected benefit of these tough times might be reintroducing ourselves to the scenic and cultural riches of our own nation.

Few places in the world have as much diverse history and varied terrain around every corner – from the curvaceous coastline of Cornwall to the metropolitan delights of Manchester and the undulating curves of the Yorkshire Dales to the magnificence of the Scottish Highlands, the UK is one of the most underrated vacation destinations (especially amongst its own population).

If your imagination is already running wild and you’re trying to recall childhood destinations where you had the time of your life, we’ve gathered some suggestions to jog your memory and help you plan the perfect trip – take a look at a couple of great British staycation destinations.


The insider's guide to London

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There’s so much to do in London that you could spend a lifetime here and never get bored.

But you’ll have to narrow down your list and start somewhere, so Buckingham Palace is as good a place as any. You can see the changing of the guards from the gates, but the State Rooms are usually open for 10 weeks every summer and this provides a rare opportunity to peek inside the Queen’s main residence.

Once you’ve had your fill of all things Royal, head along to the Tate Modern gallery at Bankside and soak up the atmosphere as you absorb iconic artworks by the likes of Hockney, Warhol, and Dali.

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If you need some London inspiration, here are wonderful things to see and do:


Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

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Bristol is another one of Britain’s trendiest cities and although it can’t compete with the sheer scale of London, it punches above its weight when it comes to culture.

The home of the enigmatic Banksy is a mecca for street art aficionados and you can either take a Banksy walking tour to see his most famous works or discover them serendipitously as you stroll around.

Meanwhile, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is another iconic landmark that’s stood the test of time, and it’s worth seeing if you want to marvel at the engineering excellence of Isambard Kingdom Brunel up close.

Finally, if you’re into aviation history, you’re in luck too – at Aerospace Bristol in Filton you can step on board a genuine Concorde airliner.

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These two Great British staycation locations are merely the tip of the travel iceberg, but they should whet your appetite nonetheless!

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