If you love to travel, you are most likely tired of hearing these 7 things about traveling

If you love to travel – no matter how often – you may have friends or heard co-workers saying a few things about travel that you hate hearing over and over again.

Many people are in love with traveling. I am one of them – as there are plenty of reasons to travel.

But there are a few things about traveling that I’m tired of hearing.

7 things about traveling I hate hearing

Travel is not safe

While there are conflicts and wars and dangerous places or roads, traveling is safe.

But when you decide where to travel next, you can pick a safe destination.

Also, you can read travel guides about your travel destination and check out safety tips. You can carefully plan your travel itineraries and you’ll be ok.

Plus, there are some simple things anyone can do to travel safely: don’t wear flashy, expensive jewelry, don’t flash cash, don’t walk in bad neighbourhoods late in the evenings, etc.

So travel can be very safe.

photo featuring Jamaica. Discover 8 things about travel I hate hearing

You shouldn’t visit the tourist hotspots/famous attractions

I know that there are many people – including travel bloggers – who say that big attractions are overrated.

But when I visited Paris, I went to the Louvre, to the Eiffel Tower – to give just two examples – and I LOVED every second of it.

I wanted to visit them and, while I did end up walking near the famous tourist sites, I also visited many famous attractions as I wanted to see them for myself.

When there are so many famous places to visit on every continent and when you don’t know when you’ll be back, you can visit whatever you like.

We are all different and we have various traveling preferences. But no matter what your traveling style is or whether you prefer to go only off the beaten path or to go only to the famous site, there is no issue.

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There are no wrong approaches in this area and as long as you are mindful – you don’t leave garbage, don’t destroy the places you are visiting, respect the local culture and people, etc. – then everything is perfect.

7 Things about travel I hate hearing
Eiffel Tower

You can’t travel with a pet or with a small child

We traveled a lot – and we still do – with our dog.

We take one-day trips or longer vacations which involve visiting various places and accommodation.

We have also traveled with our son since he was born.

You simply adapt your traveling to the new situation – having a pet with you or your child.

And I know many people traveling for longer or shorter periods with their kids, cats, dogs, etc.

International travel is better than domestic travel

I saw many people looking down on those who do a lot of domestic travel and I frankly don’t understand this attitude.

No matter what country you’re from, it definitely has a lot to offer, and many great places to visit.

It is up to you if you want to travel domestic or international and there is no wrong approach.

Travel bloggers travel for free

I know that there are many travel bloggers who have partnerships with hotels and other companies in exchange for reviews and other services that allow them to travel cheaply.

And that is a choice that they can make and it’s their right.

But not all travel lovers who also have a travel blog do this.

I only travel paying everything from my own pocket, and that’s definitely not traveling for free.

Again, it’s a matter of preferences and things you want and don’t want to do. And both ways work.

Travel bloggers are almost always on the road

While there are many travel bloggers who are nomads, there are many people who have a home and who travel on weekends or when they can take a vacation.

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I’m not a nomad. I love my home, having a place of my own to return to.

But I do have a travel blog, I love to travel and I do it when I can. Sometimes months pass and I can’t travel due to various reasons, and sometimes there are months when I visit two different places.

7 things travel lovers hate hearing
Eric, my husband, and I on the Transfagarasan road, Romania

Travel bloggers travel to post pretty pictures on social media

Yes, there are travel bloggers with impressive photos and following on social media networks and platforms.

But not all travel bloggers travel for the same reasons.

I like to take photos of the places that I’m visiting as I consider photos to be the greatest souvenirs.

I sometimes post a few photos on my Facebook or Instagram accounts, but I don’t edit them, and my goal is not to earn money from this.

Both approaches – making pretty pictures and posting them on social media or taking simple photos and sharing some of them without editing them – are ok.

But not all travel bloggers travel with the ultimate goal of taking perfect pictures for social media.

These are the things I hate hearing about traveling. There are a few more, but these are the top ones.

Do you have things about travel that you don’t like to hear?

7 things travel lovers hate hearing! I admit, these are the things about travel I hate hearing. Discover the 7 things travelers hate hearing. #travel #earthsattractions #traveltips

If you love to travel, you are most likely tired of hearing these 7 things about traveling. Discover the 7 things about travel I hate hearing! What to NEVER say to a travel blogger. Things to avoid telling a travel lover #travel #earthsattractions #traveltips

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