Why I love to travel: 30+ powerful reasons to travel now

Since I have a travel blog, it’s clear that I love to travel. But you may ask: why do people love to travel? And I have to tell you that there are many powerful reasons to travel – and I’ll share them below!

I hope this article will show you the benefits of traveling more and will make you want to start planning your next trip and even give you some great travel destinations ideas.

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Why I love to travel: 30 powerful reasons to travel now! Discover why you should travel more!
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Why I love to travel: 30+ powerful reasons to travel now

You create special memories

My love for travel started when I was very young. My mom took me to the mountains as often as she could, as a toddler and as a child.

I have many wonderful memories from that period – sometimes only glimpses: a nun at a monastery giving me a special yogurt (I was lactose intolerant, which wasn’t a thing 38 years ago and there were NO alternatives for people with my condition… – however, in Cheia, a mountain resort in Romania, there was a monastery that had milk and yogurt made in-house that I could tolerate. Yes, odd, but I was thankful for that.)

I remember picking up wildflowers with my mom. I remember climbing mountains or visiting special resorts and, I have to admit, now I go back to those resorts with the love and affection – treasured travel destinations for me in Romania – Busteni, Sinaia.

Oh, travel for me is a trip down memory lane! I could go on and on!

One special tradition I created when my son was born, was to travel each year to a new place – doing something special.

Yes, he went to the seaside for the first time on his birthday. We went to a bear sanctuary last year. We went with a cable car in Sinaia the year before.

You get the picture.

Each year – at least as long as we’ll be able to – we’ll do this and I hope Eric will treasure these moments when he’ll grow

up (he’ll be 9 this year) as much as I treasure each memory I have from my trips with my mom and grandmother from back when I was a little girl.

Creating happy memories is something we all aspire to, and according to studies (read Meik Wiking, The art of making memories). So, where do you want to create your new happy memories?

If you need some inspiration, maybe choose some of the safest travel destinations https://www.earthsattractions.com/the-safest-cities-in-the-world-to-visit-right-now/ to visit right now for your next trips!

You discover new cultures

One of the top reasons why I love to travel is that I get to discover new cultures.

By discovering new lifestyles and different traditions, you’ll get to see the differences between your culture and the one of the countries you are visiting, but also to notice similarities.

You will also get the chance to see, see that it’s possible to do something in a different manner and to live in a different way.

Travel is Food for Thought. Literally.

That’s definitely a reason why so many people love to travel around the world.

You learn new languages or practice your foreign languages learned in school

I am blessed to come from a country where all the TV shows and music and everything is distributed in the native language. Movies have subtitles, but they are not dubbed.

That’s actually how I first learned English. I would watch TV series and movies and listen to music and try to understand the words, to associate the way word sounds with how it could be written in English, a language that’s very different than Romanian which is a phonetic language.

From TV I also learned some Spanish and Italian, and I studied German and French in school.

One of the top benefits of travelling for me is that I get to use the languages I learned in school or from TV, I get to expand my vocabulary re, language or at least some words in a new language.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to get along with the locals in their mother tongue. and, and while it may be challenging for me because I don’t use French or German or Spanish or Italian every day, as opposed to English, it’s still great practice and it’s wonderful to be able to make use of what you learned in school.

I actually notice all the time I’m how happy the locals are when I interact with them in their mother tongue or when, if I don’t know the language, I’m at least making an effort to say the basic words in their language, even though the rest is in English.


One of the top reasons to travel is the fact that it will relax you. You forget, even if for a little while, of your everyday tasks and worries, and you are free.

You are out of your usual routine, you are trying new stuff, you are recharging your batteries. I guess that if we would ask the question “why people love to travel”, relaxation will be one of the top reasons to travel for many people.

Relaxation is one of the top reasons to travel. Here is why I love to travel and 30 benefits of traveling you should consider!
Balea Lake and cabin, Romania

Admiring the beauty of this world – waterfalls, beaches, oceans, mountains, flowers, wildlife

Our planet is stunning and there are numerous Earth’s attractions that will mesmerize everyone.

Whether you like impressive waterfalls, stunning beaches were just to admire the wonderful wildlife, whether you like the ocean, sand dunes, or mountains, you’ll definitely find many great travel destinations for you.

Admiring the beauty of this world is one of the reasons for travel! In fact, easily discover that there are so many places to visit across the globe, that it will be hard for you to choose where to go first and you’ll end up with a huge bucket list.

Be mesmerized by the nature wonders! 30 advantages of traveling!
Lotus – Baile Felix, Romania

Enjoying local food

While I admit I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food in my own country when I travel I try to sample the best of the local food. I’m in like some dishes, I made this like others, but I would have tried them at least!

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The further you go from home, the bigger the chances to discover fruits, vegetables, and food combinations that you don’t have at home, not even imported sometimes. So how can you resist the temptation of trying new foods?

So, for me, one of the reasons that I love to travel is that I get to discover the local cuisine of the place I am visiting.

Discovering local traditions

Many people visiting Romania on Christmas or Easter or on some other special local celebrations discover the unique way in which we are celebrating each holiday.

They are open to learning more about new cultures and their traditions, and so am I when I travel. I don’t always get to visit a new place when there is a special holiday or event taking place there, but if there is such a holiday, or fair or Carnival, I try to learn as much as possible about it and to enjoy it.

Visiting amazing tourist attractions

You can choose something that’s close to you – for instance, these are the most visited tourist attractions in Europe – or go anywhere you want to.

Whether you are looking for instagrammable places to visit in Asia or iconic landmarks in the USA, you have where to choose from!

So, create choose your next destination, create your travel itinerary, and start travelling.

I can only wish you to have happy and safe travels, no matter where you go!

One of the top reasons why people love to travel is to see famous tourist attractions. here are 29 more reasons to travel the world now!
Eiffel Tower

Find out interesting curiosities

One of the books I recently read focused on curiosities from across the globe. I read it with my son, because it’s a book created for children, but I admit that I found out numerous things I didn’t know about people, traditions, wonderful initiatives across the globe.

Some of them were so unusual, that I actually decided to look them up to see if they are true or not. And they were true. All of them.

And then I realised that it’s not such a big surprise, or at least it shouldn’t be. In fact, I two discovered numerous curious things both when travelling domestically and when travelling internationally.

I have to see that sometimes the first thing that I’m called about the given place I visited, is such a curious fact I discovered there.

Meeting new people – and gaining new friends

I know that one of the reasons people love to travel is that they can meet new people and even make new friends.

I too love to interact with the locals when I’m travelling, because it’s a great opportunity to learn more about that place, it’s history and culture, off the beaten path things to do. Sometimes I keep in touch with these people even after leaving that particular place.

Visiting friends or relatives or people you’ve met online

Linked to the previous thing, another great reason to travel is that you can visit friends and relatives living in different cities or countries across the globe.

This way you’ll feel welcome and you know that you will have someone to guide you through the city and spend time with you, so you won’t be a complete stranger in that place.

Another great experience is to meet in real life some of the people you’ve been interacting with for a while now online. As a travel blogger, I made some friends online.  It is a privilege every single time I get to meet one of them in real life. if

Discover art and museums

I love to visit museums, and from technical to art or unusual museums, I visit them all.

In fact, museums lure many tourists in various cities across the globe. They are special, they offer a view into our past, and each and every museum, no matter how small or big, gives us an opportunity to evolve, intellectually speaking.
When I saw the list of the most visited museums in the world, I couldn’t be happier to notice that I visited some of those.

Obviously, at home and on my travels, I went to many more museums that didn’t make this list, but that are just as good –  including Musee d’Orsay or Schonbrunn Palace, cool art museums in Bucharest, Romania, my hometown, or some museums in Vienna.

I was pleased to hear the conclusions of a recent study which showed that people interacting with art – museums, exhibits, concerts – live longer – so I instantly added a few Amsterdam museums to my list of places to visit very soon! 

Museum of Art Collections, Bucharest. Visiting museums is one of the main reasons why I love to travel. Here are 30 more powerful reasons to travel more now!
Museum of Art Collections, Bucharest

Broaden your perspective

Travelling helps you see the big picture and this is one of the reasons why travel is good for your health and wellbeing. 

You can better understand the local conditions and circumstances, you can better understand why some people wish for something or not, and you get to understand that and you are very small in this world.

You begin to realise how different elements influence the evolution of the world today, and you start to go beyond news read on Facebook wear with some media outlets, and go deep within the locals minds and their concerns.

Also, as you travel, you get to see different perspectives, which, sometimes, are different than yours. And that’s a great reason to travel because you are broadening your perspective and you are getting a clearer picture of the world today.

Discovering that we are different, yet the same! – removing prejudices

Each person is unique, and each country and city has its particularities. We are indeed all unique, but, as you travel more, you come to realise that we are also pretty similar in many ways.

The grass is always greener on the other side we believe, but that’s not always the truth, you discover.

There is no perfection anywhere, and it’s up to you what you want to notice: the good or the bad, and what you decide to do with what you discover.

If you are always complaining about your country – and trust me I know many people who do that (read The Key to Happiness by Meik Wiking) – you may be discovered that they are people from other countries complaining about the same things.

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Yes, it happened to me too to discover people from Nordic European countries complaining about the same issues we are having in Romania and considering that they have the worst of it.

One of the benefits of travelling is to remove prejudice. We may have some ideas about different countries or areas of the country,  different stereotypes.

Now these stereotypes may be true for some people in that area or country, but you’ll soon realise that it’s not something that can describe everyone there.

So there you have it: another great reason for around the world travel is that you get to discover how people really are, if the stereotypes are true or not, and you get to realise that we are all the same in some manners.

30 amazing reasons to travel more and why travel is great for your health!
Nuremberg, Germany

Doing something different – experience new things

I wouldn’t say that I’m the most adventurous person on Earth, but I tried to experience new things so when I travel.

True, there’s a safety line I wouldn’t cross, but sometimes I push my limits. And it’s great. I’m not risking my life, but I’m doing something different, and if the experience is good, then I have a new great memory and the story to tell.

Learn more about yourself

When you travel, you learn more about yourself and this is one of the unexpected travel benefits.

You see how you react in certain circumstances, what your beliefs are, and that’s great.

Travelling becomes a way to know yourself better, and that’s never a bad thing. On the contrary, that’s one of the top travelling benefits.

When you are travelling with your significant other, you learn more about you as a couple. you discover your dynamic, your preferences, beliefs, willingness to change and so on and so forth.

Travelling is a discovery journey: that of the world and of oneself.

30+ reasons why travel is important.
Sagrada Familia

Discovering your issues and fears and overcoming them

When you travel you may discover some issues you didn’t even know you had or fears.

And the best part? You may even overcome your fears or issues – one of the cool unexpected benefits of travelling.

I’m afraid of heights, for example, but I wanted to fly with an airplane. So I overcame my fear and I had an amazing trip to Paris and back. I was able to admire the sky and the mountains seen from above, and that, for me, was a huge win.

30+ travelling benefits! Discover 30+ reasons why travel is important

Get out of your comfort zone

One of the reasons people love to travel is that they can get out of their comfort zone, just as I did when I wanted to fly.
Pushing yourself beyond your regular limits can be a good thing.

It can boost your confidence, it can show you that you can do more, and it can offer you through amazing experiences you would have otherwise missed.

Experience true happiness

Being free, doing what you want when you want, going where you want –  that’s true happiness. And travel brings this to you.

This is actually one of the top reasons why I love to travel.

Do something that seems unreal

Admiring an impressive waterfall may seem simple and common for some, but it is an amazing experience for me.
But perhaps the most and the real experience I had was to see The Milky Way one night.

It looked just like in my encyclopedias as on TV or YouTube videos. Truly amazing!

Another thing that we like to do is to go, as often as possible, near a city and admire the meteorite shower taking place each summer.

One more great experience we share as a family and another reason to travel, even if it’s just a short distance from our house.

Learn to budget

One of the great things about travelling is that it helps you to be better with your finances.

As you plan your trip ahead, you need to budget everything: accommodation, transport, food, entry fees, souvenirs, etc.
It helps you save money for your trips and to manage your budget while you are traveling. That’s something you really need on an everyday basis and one of the 30+ reasons why travel is important included in this article.

Learn to plan

As you can visit a specific city or area for a given amount of time, you learn to plan your trips better so that you can go everywhere you want to go and do everything you want to do.

These planning skills you are developing will help you on your job and on your personal life as well, so this is another benefit of travelling you have to consider.

30+ unexpected travel benefits. Discover 30+ reasons why travel is good for you!
Muddy Volcanoes, Romania

Learn to be organized

As you learn to better manage your finances and to plan things, you’ll realise you are getting more and more organised.

This advantage of travelling will help you in your everyday activities and in your personal life, so go ahead and travel more!

Learn new skills (cooking classes or other types of classes)

Why you are travelling you can actually learn new things and skills. You may take a cooking class,  a pottery class, or a drumming lesson in Tokyo.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a new thing or skill, because they are truly beneficial for you and your health. You boost your brain and memory!

Boost your confidence

As you manage to sort everything out – the budget, planning your trips, packing your bag for a week in less than 30 minutes -,  as you get to be more open to interacting with new people, you’ll see a boost in your confidence.

You discover you can do it! In fact, this boost of your confidence is one of the top reasons why you should travel more because it will help you in every aspect of your life later.

Understand the need to protect the Earth

As you travel you’ll see that in order for everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty of our planet and the amazing natural wonders, which really need to keep the planet as is, to make it better, not worse.

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You understand the more the people who are trying to gather garbage and the ones that try to limit the use of plastic.

More importantly, you realise that each action counts and that it’s important to recycle and to protect the Earth every single day,  for us, for our children and for the next generations to follow.

Why travel is good for your health and wellbeing: 30+ reasons to travel
Constanta, Romania

Spend time outdoors

There are studies showing that spending time outdoors is beneficial to our health, and travelling can help with that.

Depending on your skills and health, you can go hiking, taking long walks in the parks and beautiful botanical gardens, swimming, kayaking, going to the beach, skiing, etc.

While in your hometown you may not go outside as much as possible, and rather spend your time at the office, at home, at the mall, all when you travel you may be at least tempted to go more outdoors and that will be good for you and your health and spirit. This is one of the main reasons why travel is good for you!

30+ benefits of traveling! Discover now 30+ powerful reasons to travel now!
Bergen, Norway

Reduce the stress – feel carefree

There are studies that show travel can reduce the risk of a heart attack, and that it helps to manage stress and negative emotions.

Even taking just short vacations improves lowering your stress levels.

I admit, this is one of the top reasons why I love to travel and I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and empowered after each trip or vacation I take!

Travel can reduce depression

Yes, travel can reduce depression and can impact, in a positive way, marital relationships, according to a study. You can easily see why travel is good for your health and your wellbeing!

So take as many trips or holidays as possible, as lowering the risk of depression is a great reason to travel more.

Learn to let go – Let things unfold

We are sometimes very cringy and stressed about what might happen, how things may unfold, what we want or what we think is good for us. We are on tight schedules and tight objectives.

When you travel more you actually learn to let go, to let things unfold.

And, as you do that, you will realise that you get more relaxed. you don’t need to control every single step and you are actually getting better results by letting go.

This may sound like a paradox –  and I have to say that it took me a while to understand it as well,  but as you learn to let go, you start to get the results you want because you are not cringing obsessing about anything, and you feel that you are worthy of what it is that you want to get.

30 Unexpected traveling benefits. 30+ reasons why travel is good for you, your health and your career.
Bears Cave, Romania

Learn new skills and improve your career prospect

As mentioned a bit above, when you travel you’re learning new skills and they can help you in every aspect of your life.

As you get to discover more about how things work in a given country and culture, you may begin to see things in a new way and even do things in a different way, which may prove to be more efficient.

All the things you learn and the skills you are developing while you are travelling can improve your career prospects and give you an advantage when looking for a place to work.

And if you are trying to get a job in a multinational company, having interacted with people from different countries is definitely a huge asset for you.

Improve social and communication skills

As you travel more you often need to interact with the locals – to get directions to a specific place, to learn more about history or traditions, etc.

It may seem hard at first, especially if you are an introvert, but as you practice you’ll see that it gets easier and easier.

It becomes your second nature to speak with people from different countries and cultures, and did you get over the language barrier and fears, and doubting yourself, and you become better.

Yeah, improving your social and communication skills is one of the big reasons to travel!

Become more tolerant

It may surprise you to hear this, but as you travel more you become more aware of your own flaws.

And you get to accept that you are not perfect and that you can improve yourself.

As you do that, and as you become more aware of the differences between people and of the different ways to do something, and different lifestyles that are out of there, you get to become more tolerant –  and this is one of the huge benefits of travel.


As you can easily see, there are plenty of great reasons to travel. From the positive impact it has on your health, to the benefits to your career and your relationships, and to your personal development, travelling impacts every area of your life in a positive manner.

So travel more and be better.

Don’t think for an instant that you have to go overseas to travel. You can start locally, and go from there.

I hope the reasons to travel included in this article – and, as you probably might have noticed, I tried to group them to the best of my abilities –  will convince you to take as many trips as you can, shorter or longer, doesn’t matter as long as you travel.

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Why I love to travel: 30+ reasons why travel is good for you. Discover the benefits of traveling right now and start planning trips :) #travel #traveltips #travelhack #earthsattractions #ilovetotravel #health #traveltherapy

30+ incredible travel benefits! discover now 30+ reasons why travel is good for you! You didn't expect to see these benefits of traveling! #travel #traveltips #travelhack #earthsattractions #ilovetotravel #health #traveltherapy

30+ Reasons to travel more right now! Discover 30+ amazing travelling benefits and why travel is good for your health and wellbeing! #travel #traveltips #travelhack #earthsattractions #ilovetotravel #health #traveltherapy

30 Unexpected benefits of travelling. Discover why travel is good for you! These are the top benefits of traveling! Travel is good for your health! #travel #traveltips #travelhack #earthsattractions #ilovetotravel #health #traveltherapy

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