How To Choose A Honeymoon Destination You and Your Bride Will Love

Your honeymoon is the first of all the best times you will spend together as husband and wife.

You might think the wedding is the focal point (and it is to an extent, mostly for everyone else) but the real fun starts with the honeymoon where it’s just the two of you.

Here are some considerations to help you find a destination that you both love and can afford:

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What Are Your Personality Types?

What an odd question to begin with, right?

You may be thinking that it doesn’t matter what type of personalities you have as long as you have fun on your honeymoon.

Well, that’s the point.

Your personality type actually determines what will be fun for you.

If you love staying busy, touring and visiting local sights then it won’t do you much good to go to an island where everything is either beach or spas, you’d have more fun on a tour of Europe where you can see several countries in just a week or two.

But if you and your soon-to-be-spouse just want to stay indoors for a few days, lay on the beach, soak up the pure romance emanating from the picturesque surroundings and maybe get some massages every other day, then island life is definitely for you.

Introverts often like the solitude of the mountains or the woods, where they can feel the quiet pouring over them.

Don’t skip this step, who you are is as important as what you like.

Both of you should list 3 of your favorite things like ‘reading’; ‘surfing’; art; coffee; or even ‘sleep’.

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What Kinds of Places Do You Like?

This is an extension of the first question but it could be something you don’t even realize can affect how much you enjoy your honeymoon.

If you don’t know the answer to that then a good place to start is to think about where you feel at peace and where you feel anxious.

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If you feel more peaceful alone than with people then you’re probably better off at a resort than a public beach or better off designing your own tour than touring in a group.

If you like being near water, the Bahamas or the Carribean could be perfect for you.

If you like snow sports, then consider visiting a place that is known for skiing and snow.
Think about your 3 favorite places outside of your or a loved one’s home; what do they have in common?

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What Kind of Food do You Like?

The food available to you will be greatly influenced by the country/ destination you choose.

Traveling with picky eaters is no joke, and unless you’re staying in a luxury resort or hotel you’re going to have to make do with what you can find, or starve.

Of course, you shouldn’t let that limit your choices, unless it’s a real issue for either of you.

With food, instead of making a list of what foods you love, make a list of foods you will absolutely not eat. Top 3 for example;

“Scorpions, insects, market food” this is my list, yeah I’m basically never going to Thailand, ever.

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What Is The Vibe You’re Going For?

It’s a honeymoon so romance and fun, what else?

Even though personality types and preferences will always differ, you need to keep in mind that this is your honeymoon.

You may be wondering what a honeymoon is really for.

And the truth is, a bunch of things really, it’s your first snapshot of life together as a married couple. It will set the tone for your marriage and your lives moving forward.

But it’s also a brief period of heaven, where you can relax after the stress of planning a wedding and before you need to figure out life together in the ‘real world’

So yes, you want fun and sexy time but you also need to connect as a couple.

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Being endlessly busy won’t support that, nor will being stressed out by an environment you don’t care for.

Resorts are great in the sense that they offer an inclusive experience; food, fun, relaxation, the beach, activities, the beach, spas, the beach and if you find the right resort, that’s luxury on a new level.

All-inclusive island resorts, for example, offer all of that and more in the most amazing locations.

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Your Budget

Chances are you’ve already got a number in mind for what you want to spend on your honeymoon and you’ve been saving towards that goal, but there are a few things to consider.

If you’re not going for an all-inclusive package or a resort that offers those options then you need to calculate everything from airfare; to meals (meals x how many meals per day); activities; transport; spending money etc.

The best way to get an idea of your extra cost is to map out how long you’re staying vs. what you’d like to do on your honeymoon and decide what you can afford and what you can’t.

From there you can calculate a proper budget, which in turn will help you to know how much to put away for your honeymoon.

All of the planning and saving will go much more smoothly when you start planning our honeymoon when you start planning your wedding.

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You Can’t Do Everything Yourself

As a couple, you have to plan this together, but sometimes even that can be overwhelming in conjunction with planning a wedding, which in itself is a massive job.

When you’re flights have to be paid a certain time, your accommodation has a deposit and a cut off date for your follow up payment, your activities need to be planned and booked in advance, it can quickly become a nightmare.

So once you’ve decided on where you want to go, how long you want to go and what your budget is you should consider looking for a travel agent to help plan your trip.

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